Nine Ideas to Elope in the Desert

Eloping in a desert is a bohemian-meets-Western wedding style that has become one of the coolest trends. Who doesn’t love a place that evokes from the amazing sunsets to majestic wildlife and warm breezes? Whether you want to elope with a few family members or friends or just the two of you in the scene, eloping in a desert is a non-traditional and fun way to tie the knot. This post shares 9 ideas to elope in the desert.

Choose your Vibe

Typically, weddings in the desert include many outdoorsy and bohemian details. Eloping in a desert is the perfect option if you both want a free-spirited, relaxed vibe on your big day. You can concentrate on the surroundings’ scenery without using extravagant decor.

Know the Must-Haves

A desert wedding is about your style, a beautiful bouquet, and the magic light. You will want to wear a desert-inspired dress and shoes. Also, you can get funky with color and pattern.

Pick the Best Venue

Las Vegas is situated within the Mojave Desert of Nevada, home to many breathtaking, rugged locations just a few hours of the Strip. With a permit, you can elope in Red Rock Canyon and let the natural springs and lakes located within witness your intimate moments.

Remember that Less is More

With a desert elopement, all the fun elements are already in place. You just need to play off the desert’s neutrals while bringing in some of your style elements. Just make sure you don’t go overboard.

Consider the Timing the Light

The golden hour in a desert is real. It’s important to be set and ready early to catch the good light. You need to plan the timelines around the sun’s setting.

Consider the Warm and Sunny Weather when Choosing a Wedding Bouquet

With a Las Vegas desert setting, you want to choose hardy options such as proteas, sunflowers, and lilies. Also, think about incorporating flower native to Nevada like daisies, lupine, and sage.

Give your Guests the Wedding Details

Ensure you make it clear to your guests that you are tying the knot in the actual desert. Address the main details like how your guests will be transported to your wedding venue, the kind of terrain to expect, and what attire should be appropriate.

Pick Suitable Wedding Attire

Keeping your attire simple, practical, and comfortable makes sense in a desert wedding. Ideally, you want to wear lightweight fabric and loose silhouettes. A sheath style or A-line is the right choice for the wedding dress.

Hire the Pros

The memories you will create on your elopement will last forever and you want to have the photos and videos to remember them all by. Spending money on professional services will be worth it in the end.

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