5 Things To Know Before You Travel To Copenhagen

If you have never been to Scandinavia, you should probably start with Copenhagen. As the stunning capital of Denmark, this city can mean many things to many people. From the majestic waterfront area and guided boat tours, to incredible amusement parks, palaces and more, Copenhagen is exactly what dreams are made of. In this post, we are sharing a few things you must know before coming to the Danish capital.

  • Book your stay in advance. Okay, Copenhagen can be expensive, much like most parts of Scandinavia. Unless you are really short on budget, we recommend hotels. Go for Copenhagen hotel apartments, many of which are located in Østerbro. Just ensure that the bookings are done before you arrive, so that you can select a property that you like.

  • Copenhagen is great for cyclists. There are dedicated cycling lanes all over the city, and you will have no issues in renting a bike here. The best part is you can actually explore Copenhagen on your bike and save on cabs that can be really expensive. You even have cycles on rent that have a tablet with GPS.
  • You can take a boat tour. Many people are surprised how Copenhagen feels different from a boat. Close to Nyhavn, which is the historic waterfront area, you can find organized boat tours, which also offers a view of the much-famed The Little Mermaid statue from a close point. Keep in mind that Nyhavn is also known for historic buildings and cafés, so have that coffee!
  • People here follow the law. Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world, and people here are really friendly. More importantly, they follow the law, so you will have no trouble crossing the road or following the cues. This is one of the many reasons why solo travelers and backpackers love Copenhagen.

  • Nordic cuisine is different. A lot of people don’t know much about black bread, until they come and try it in Denmark. Nordic cuisine prides on natural, local and seasonal produce, and you will actually find some really good find-dine restaurants here. If you are keen on trying steaks and local food, head to Paper Island.

There are ready to-do lists in Copenhagen, and you wouldn’t have a hard time planning your day. We recommend that you consider a trip to Strøget, which is among the largest pedestrian malls in the world, and to Tivoli Gardens – one of the oldest parks in the world.

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