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The Basics of the Dolphin Pose

If you are looking to build body strength and stability, then the dolphin pose is the right posture for you. The following are some benefits and steps involved in doing the dolphin pose.

Begin this pose by getting down on your hands and knees. With your shoulders over your elbows, your hands should be in front of the elbows and the fingers pointing forward. When your weight is equally distributed on the forearms, tuck your toes while lifting your knees from the floor and your hips and belly raised towards the ceiling. While doing this position, ensure that your head and neck hang freely or use a pillow for support. You can hold for 5-10 or more breaths then exhale as you bend your knees and come to the floor and do a child or table pose.

For a more challenging pose, you can try the downward facing dog pose. Place your hands on the mat such that you weight is distributed on both hands and come up the ground while lowering your forearms towards the floor and keep your shoulders over the elbows. The shoulders need to be over the elbows and as you will be coming up, you will create space for the head.

The dolphin pose helps open up the upper back, shoulders and the armpits even more. It also lengthens and strengthens the spine while increasing flexibility of the arms, hips and legs. It will also make your upper body strong and more stable while toning the back muscles. It is a good exercise to workout muscles like the hamstrings, quadriceps, gluteus maximus, and triceps brachii.

This pose also helps tone the core and acts as a good abdominal exercise. Your core muscles are engaged when you are moving forward and backwards and hence helps strengthen these muscles. This is therefore a great way to develop your six pack which achieve body flexibility and strength.

Another crucial benefit of the dolphin pose is stimulating your nervous system and ensure mental stability. The mental health benefit is due to its ability to increase the blood flow to the brain. Its therapeutic applications include; relieving insomnia, fatigue, mild depression, improve concentration and memory and balance the mind. Other amazing benefits of this pose include; reduce signs of menopause, stimulates the reproductive organs, helps prevent osteoporosis, aid for high blood pressure and asthma, improves digestion and relieves menstrual discomfort when performed with head support. Along with its physical and mental benefits, you might discover happiness, positivity, freedom, harmony and peace.

A beginners tip to help open your shoulders is by pressing your inner wrist to the floor. Another tip to help build your shoulder and arm strength is to try walk your feet towards your elbows.

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